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This is that moment I realize my last journal was exactly a year ago! Wow. Much fail.

For any comic readers out there it is obvious at this point we suck at social media but I will try to keep the facebook feed active so find us here ---->… for updates on when we will be officially returning. Still wont be for a few months because we will be finishing a chapter before hopping back on the weekly page wagon, however you can find sneak peaks of pages and what not there.

Thanks for stickin' around if you're reading this!
  • Mood: Stuck
Phoenixangel924 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Don't worry so much. I haven't given up on drawing, just placed it on pause while I run an airsoft team in my personal life. It happens to the best of us, and god help me if I let my talent rot away. If I can gladly transfer my talent for someone else to use right now it would be you. Becuase at least you're still hacking away at it and drawing constantly. ME I just focus on the art of shooting haha. hang in there!
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February 4, 2014